Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Danger of Smoking and Hard Drinks to Pregnant Women

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It was each couples dream of having a baby. Not all got the chance of conceiving a baby. Some were unfortunate enough no matter how much they try and no matter what they do. I know you have witnessed how the baby in the womb moves and journey inside that tummy. It's a lovely feeling, though I must say that others never have felt it.

Watching over a baby's health we all know that it's not that ideal to drink alcoholic beverages or even smoke while pregnant. The percentage is high, that the baby's health will be at high risk. I know, soon to mom will not gamble on this especially when the baby's sake is at stake. Friends I have known were complaining that their babies were always sick. With that line, I came up concluding that maybe the main reason would be, their backgrounds as a night life party goers.

To live a healthy life together with your kids, think of them while they're still inside that little tummy. As much as possible, eat healthy. Making them feel that they were loved. Ensuring our food intake's nutrition benefit is important. Stay away from those bad vices. Think of the future of your kids and as well as your future.

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