Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Newborn Screening for Babies is a Must

Newborn Screening for Babies 

I know that mothers know already the idea behind newborn screening tests. And if you are truly concerned with the health of your baby, then better do the test. Newborn screening is the process of screening babies in their 24 hours and 7 days after birth. Through this process, disorders that might strike your baby later on might be treated. Thus, possible occurrence of such diseases will not be experienced and trigger the health and living of your kids. And if left untreated, you might also be carrying the burden that your child might carry. Big amount of money will be needed if you let it untreated.

How it is done?

Blood samples were collected in a specially designed filter paper and then it will be subjected to test for disorders. A week or two after the test, hospitals were newborn was made, will contact the parents if there is a result found positive on any diseases. A follow up tests or simply confirmatory tests will be done to detect the disorder. After that, if proven positive, then parents are given handouts of guidelines on what to feed, avoid and give for medication for the infant. Better follow the stated data in the sheet to avoid the occurrence of such disease.

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