Monday, June 20, 2011

So Young to Experience Such Bad Fate in Life - “The Perfume”

The Perfume Movie

Have you watched the movie “ The Perfume” starred by Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in the movie of which is Ben Whishaw in real life? At first I find it boring but while the story goes, I find it a little interesting.

baby Grenouille after birth in fish market

He was a boy born by a mother who have tried abortion for so many times. Such a bad fate to be an orphan and experience child labor at an early age. Grenouille carries an obsession with smell. Discovering the connection between smell and love.

Grenouille and the Girl

This story depicts how he obsessively turned into beast, killing each woman just to capture the perfect smell of a virgin human scent.

But despite it all, what really catches my attention is his fate is life. Imagine a kid having that kind of life, no education, no learning and no other friends. I pity him. Lucky for us, for we are fortunate enough not to experience such bad fate in life.

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