Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Animals – Kids Find Them Adorable and Cuddly

Mother and baby Polar Bears

Kids were known to be animal lovers. They wanted to have their own pets as well. Loving these baby animals were like loving your own self. What's more adorable among young animals were the furr or feathers that covers their body. Some were like snows and other's were in different colors. These makes them distinct among any other baby animals.

Baby Harp Seal

I have started searching on some images of these baby animals and I find these lovely baby animals in the National Geographic pages. These were really some cute pictures of baby animals posted on their page. I have here pictures of Polar bears, Harp seal, Cheetahs and so many to watch for in their site.

Baby Elephant

So cute that even I, wanted to have it too as my pet. Since we are practicing animal rights, then it's impossible for me to have any of them. Guess we'd have to leave them in their habitat. Let them live freely and enormously.

Mother and Baby Cheetah

Studying how these animals live is fun and interesting aside from the fact that it's educational. We can really enjoy the way how they make us laugh.

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