Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interesting Facts About Your Baby Which You Might Not Know

When you think you know everything about your baby, think again. Here are some of the interesting and surprising facts about your baby which you are not even aware of.

Your baby's sense of smell is much stronger that yours and he or she will get to know you in the early weeks. To help your baby, avoid using strong perfumes, lotion or washing powder that may be quite overpowering and can cause confusion to your baby.

interesting baby facts

Baby's are born with swimming abilities and can also hold their breath. However, they shortly lose this.

interesting baby facts

When babies are born, they have 300 bones. Adults have only 206. The reason of this is that some of the bones fuse together as they grow old.
Newborn baby's can't technically cry but they can scream and holler for what they want or need. This is because tears can actually be created or released until about three weeks. In some cases however, there are babies who can't shed their tears until four to five months old.

interesting baby facts

Newborns recognize the smell of breastmilk. You may notice that they became more alert when their breastfeeding mother's comes into the room. This is because they can smell their milk.

Babies heart rate are twice as fast as adults. They breathe twice as fast too.

interesting baby facts 

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