Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bubbles That Kids Will Love

Who doesn't love bubbles?. Everyone loves it especially kids. I remember when I was young and we had bubble competitions in our neighbourhood. The challengers would puff their cheeks full of air and blow as strong as they could to produce those giant bubbles which so beautifully float on air. Now that I'm a parent myself, I spend some time with my kids and blow bubbles of different sizes. My kids love to catch bubbles while running around freely in our backyard, remind me of the days when I was still a kid.

There are many reasons why kids love bubbles. Bubbles are lighter than air, they float and that makes them fun to watch and catch. There is something majestic about them and they are fun to pop. If you can get them to be really big, you can watch them pop in a chain reaction. They are just so beautiful.

bubbles that kids would love

You can make your own giant bubbles by making your own home made soap solutions. The ingredients are just so simple and cheap that you probably have these ingredients in your house right now.

6 Cups of Water
2 Cups of Dish Soap
1 Cup of Light Corn Syrup

bubbles that kids would love

Mix well. Let it sit over a night if you can. The next day, you finally have your bubbles to entertain your kids. Blow like crazy and have fun.

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