Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Are Babies so Cuddly

cuddly babies 

Babies are like pillows. They are so cuddly. Like cottons they are so soft. As we are aging, we dreamed of having soft skin like of babies. They were so innocent that we don't let them get hurt of anything even insects. We take good care of them 24/7 and we feed them every 4 hours. We put lotions, change diapers and even get them to sleep.

We've learned to sing nursery songs and even listens to classic songs together with them. Funny but we do crazy faces in front of these cute little angels. We even manages to do multi-tasks while we're in the house taking good care of our children.

As they grow bigger and gets cuddly, we laugh at the way they discover new things. When we see them smile, we also smiles. When they laugh, we laugh too but seeing them cry, seems like we're also hurt. That's because of the fact that we don't want them hurt. 

What's too painful is when they get sick. We're very worried. We've been to this stage and I know that we were very much loved and adored during those times when we're still a baby. Babies I think are the cutest creation on earth and no other things can ever be compared.

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