Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Benjamin Button Grows Younger - My Inspiration

benjamin button curious caseTo give just a short description of what a baby looks like, I guess you know, that they have this smooth, clear skin. So delicate that they were loved very much by everybody else. But there's something so unique about this movie, I know you have watched “ The Curious Case of benjamin Button”. Imagine ourselves growing in a manner the way Benjamin is. That case seem impossible, but there's something that this movie wanted to impart on us.

Even myself, find it hard to figure out what it really tells, but with deep thinking and imagination, I finally get the point. It's never too late to do things in which we wanted to do. Anything is possible if we'd just have to pursue to do it.
Live your life and be proud of yourself if you have achieved it and if you think you failed, the try starting all over again and again until you reached for it. Life does not end there. Opportunities are just around your corner, just discover each everyday.

banjamin button curious case

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